Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today's search for a new-to-us movie went like this...  We went to the library to return our books--on time!--and see what they had available for checkout.  We returned all of our items and found a couple of movies and lots of books to keep us entertained.  While we were browsing I realized that I'd forgotten to turn the ringer off on my phone.  Everyone got to hear the IU fight song while I scrambled to turn it off.  I was so flustered that I didn't answer the phone.  I steered the kids to the checkout where I promised them that they could watch the new Clifford movie after lunch.  Mind you, it's already way past when they normally eat lunch.  Come to find out, I'd been "banned" from the library.  Seriously!  I found out that while I was in the library, one of the library staff was calling me to let me know that I'd returned a DVD case without its DVD.  So, we can't check out anything until I return the Angelina and the Rose Fairy Princess DVD which was at home in the player.  Grrrr.  So I take three very hungry and (2 at least) very disappointed children out to the hot van without their newly found treasures.  We go home and eat, get the DVD, and head back to the library.  They removed my banned status and we take our goodies home.  After much-needed naps, I finally put in the Clifford movie.  As I'm putting it in I realize that somehow, I picked up the Spanish version of the movie.  Great.  My kids can count to 10 in Spanish and say "no", but that's it.  They say they'll watch it anyway.  Where was Chris when I needed him?  (Working.)  I couldn't get the silly VCR to play the Spanish Clifford movie.  Could the disappointment get any more prolonged?  I guess it was kind of like this post...long and pretty disappointing!

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Laura said...

Oh no! Poor kids! Heh, I just thought how funny it would be if the next email I got had the "I love Clifford" part in Spanish :)