Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comments from here to there

Today is my first day back in class.  It should be fun because I think Jack Bauer's twin brother (didn't know he had one?) is teaching my anatomy class.  That should be fun.  And who doesn't like an academic pat on the back?  During our first anatomy lab, Mr. Bauer (not his real name, but it sounds better than Yard) observed my work with the microscope and commented that I must have done this before.  Yeah.  About 14 years ago.  It made me feel good, though!  Statistics shouldn't be too bad, either.   Mr. Stat has been a professor of statistics and working with schizophrenic treatments since 1977.  I could tell. :)

Samuel shared his coveted raisins with me today, but only because I left the house with them before he woke up.

Anna told me last night, "I wish for a pink house...with stars and twinkles."  When I told her that her dad probably wouldn't ever let us live in a pink house with stars and twinkles she added that "it could be blue and yellow, too."

Samuel is now the third of three children to be so excited every time we pass the yard where Hamilton Southeastern Schools stores their buses.  "BUS!  BUS!  BUS!"  I love seeing him get so excited about things!

A great thing about the first day of cookies!  The great thing about the free for free coffee!  

What a glorious day...I've enjoyed it from the science building of all places.  I feel very Carrie or Lauraish.  Props to you guys for spending SO MUCH time in buildings like this!


Laura said...

I hope that isn't an evil twin brother, or you'll be in trouble! And I'm glad that class is starting off well for you :)

Leslie said...

Either way I could be in trouble. He taught hand to hand combat at the FBI academy. That was after his 30 years in the army and before he was a coroner.