Sunday, January 23, 2011


"Sam, your enthusiasm is wonderful. I love it!"

"I'm not enthusiasticity..."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Funnies

My kids love to read the comics in the Sunday paper, in any other paper they find, and in comic books from the library. Even without reading them, they would produce plenty of their own funnies. I present to you three of my favorites from the last month.

Dad was working at a job site doing something with a nail gun or a drill. (These are perhaps interchangeable since a similar story--on his part--occurred with each.) He inadvertently screwed his finger to a cabinet door. He doctored himself up, not needing the assistance of a medical professional. He relayed this story to us over dinner and then said that it had happened a few days earlier. In commenting that it had healed well and didn't hurt very much he said, "The next day I even had to look at my fingers to see which one it happened to." From across the table, Anna stared in wonder. Finally she said, "Did you pray? Was it a miracle?"

McKenna is troubled. She said in a panic the other day, "My hair is turning yellow!" (gasp!) When we asked what color it used to be..."blonde." She was serious.

Samuel... Drat. I can't remember. Although today in the OSU vs. Illinois game he said that he was going to cheer for Ohio. But, "Don't tell Daddy. He won't be very happy with me because he doesn't like Ohio."