Thursday, November 12, 2009

At bedtime...again

Me: Samuel, try to keep your pull-up dry tonight, okay?

Sam: Why?

Me: Well, I just know that you can. And pull-ups are kind of expensive. I don't want us to have to keep spending money on pull-ups if you don't need them.

Sam: Well...I would want to spend money on pull-ups.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bedtime funnies

Tonight at bedtime with the girls...

McKenna: Dear Elohim, Thank you for being a good God. Thank you for forgiving my sins. Be with Daddy. Keep him safe on the way home from Lafayette. Thank you for my family. Amen. Hey mom...did you know Elohim is another name for God?

Me: Yes, I know.

McKenna: Mrs. Swingle taught me that tonight. She's great. Anna, it's your turn to pray.

Anna: Dear Halloween. No, that's not it. Dear Heloise. No. Dear Eloise. No. Dear Mayonnaise. Shoot, that's not it either.

McKenna: Anna, maybe you should just say "God" instead. I'll teach you the other name tomorrow.

And with Samuel...
God, thank you for giving me a mommy. And thank you that my mommy is my mommy. (That's reason number 578 that I love three year old boys.)