Saturday, August 4, 2007

Love those words

Tonight Sam was on a mission to give hugs before going to bed.  He hugged Nana and Pops and completely passed me by.  It was OK, I was just enjoying watching him love on people who love him so much.  He headed back to Chris to be escorted to his room when he did an about face and ran to me with arms open.  (Ah, loving this to me, little guy!)  When he was about two (of his) strides away from me he said "wuv ooh" before completing the hug!  My heart just swells to hear those words from my son for the first time.  I hope I never live long enough to forget that moment.

On a lighter note, McKenna was s-l-o-w-l-y eating her quesa"deeta" tonight.  I gave her an empty bowl to be used for dessert to hopefully serve as a reminder as to why she was given the dreaded task of eating at a normal pace.  When she had finished her dinner I asked her where her bowl was.  She had the most puzzled look on her face.   I could just hear her thoughts.  "It was just here.  Where DID it go?  I'm sure she gave it to me.  It was pink.  Really.  Where is it?"  All the while she was thinking this, she was holding the bowl on her head like a little pink cap.  The moment of recognition was priceless.  Only our McKenna can do these thing day after day and keep us laughing!


Laura said...

Hah! McKenna's a hoot :) And Sam is super adorable--I can't wait to see them all this weekend! I can't believe he's talking :P

Anonymous said...

Colby has been quite affectionate towards me recently and it is a great feeling. Nothing tugs at your heart like a heart felt hug and kiss followed by "I wuv oo". I enjoyed reading about my nieces and nephew, but it is bittersweet realizing all I'm missing. Keep up the good work!