Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a night

I've been able to be much more focused when I'm home lately.  I have to be.  My schedule insists that I remember that time at home is special time.  It always has been, but sometimes I forgot.  I was able to have a very special night with Anna tonight after "the little ones" (as she calls them) went to sleep.  We got to watch Alabama run all over Georgia (well...I assume that'll be the end result.  The game's still going as I write...), drink hot cider, and make scotch-a-roos.  We snuggled on the couch, folded clothes, and talked about our day.  We licked the spatulas (but "only because they don't have fresh eggs on them") and giggled at Daddy's silly laugh when Alabama is playing well.  I am so thankful for each of my children.  Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful evening with Anna, my little eagle.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trouble, lurking in the dryer

Anna's tennis shoes were very muddy.  They are currently in the washing machine.  Lights are off in the laundry room.  I just realized there may be a potential problem.  Should the lights on her shoes quit working she'll be pretty upset.  Especially if she knew about the light show she missed as the shoes tumbled in the dryer.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paradigm shift

Ah, the ol' paradigm shift.  Very social work-y.  Fifteen years ago I remember laughing (multiple times) at my cross country coach who told us that if he were stranded on a deserted island and could only do one stretch, it would be leans.  (We always wondered, "if the island is deserted who he would be worried about catching him doing a second stretch...").  

Insert paradigm shift here.  

Today, one of our professors said that if she could only take one drug (she didn't mention being stranded...perhaps she was concerned about refills) it would be a statin.  A lot has happened that I certainly don't want to neglect, but that's a decent representation of where I was, and where I am.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Unrealistic

Some very unrealistic requests have been made in our family lately.  

Anna and McKenna are wanting Daddy to be president.  He's not old enough...yet.  And then I'd have to say, still not realistic.  Samuel wants "uncle Jack's pool" to be president.  That's a 2 1/2 year old for you!

Anna's fifth birthday is coming up next month.  Today she told Chris that she wants those things that you put in your hair and it looks really long.  "Extensions?!"  "Yeah, that's it!"  Where did she hear about hair extensions?  

McKenna is anxiously awaiting birthday number four later this fall.  She'd like a saddle.  

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today's focus

At the risk of sounding like Lee Greenwood, today is just one of those days that I'm proud to be an American.  I love the people who stand over 96th Street on the bridge with their flags and arms waving all day every September 11th.  I love the freedoms that we have (and I pray that they remain protected).  I love that men and women who are currently fighting for the lives of people that they will never know and who are thankful for the opportunity to do so.  I doesn't feel like it's a choice this time around because it is such an easy decision for me, but I'm thankful that in the government of our country, I have a choice.  

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not keeping score

Anna had her first soccer game today.  She was great!  She bounced all over the field--definitely the most smiley kid on the field!  She played the whole time (compared to sitting in the corner of the field with her back to her teammates like she did during practice #1), volunteered to kick the ball into play, and even scored a goal!  She reported that she was so happy to have scored a goal that she just needed to do somersaults.  And somersault she did.  All the way down the field.  Her teammates must have thought it was pretty great, too.  Pretty soon there were three little Eagles somersaulting down the field!  Good times for this new soccer mom.  (I think we only scored three goals for the Foxes.  What a day!)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Conversations with Jesus

Samuel had a late night last night.  Tonight he was awake longer than I thought he would be.  I stole an opportunity to rock him in his room after the girls were asleep.  (I just can't get enough of my babies and a rocking chair!)  Sam is particularly good at letting us know when he's tired.  During a late dinner recently he said, "I so tired.  I sweepy.  I need to go to sweep now."  And pretty much, he did.  Anyway, back to the rocker.  I'm rocking him and telling him how much I love him.  He says, "And Daddy loves me.  And Jesus loves me.  (pause)  Jesus told me to go to bed now."  That was the end of the rocking.  He made a beeline for the bed.  

McKenna and Chris had a tough day.  McKenna was more whiny than usual.  During the parenting relay that Chris and I are working on lately, Chris advised that McKenna may have a tough night.  At bedtime while she was praying she said (completely unprompted), "Dear Jesus, please forgive me for arguing with Daddy today."  I'm content to leave it at that.  At this point, it's out of my hands!

This is so out of order.  Before anyone went to bed (or got back out) we went to another cross country meet.  It rained.  A lot.  Then it rained more.  There were lots of delays, but after attending cross country meets for about the last 25 years I saw something new.  They stopped a race that was underway due to inclement weather.  Well, not just inclement.  It was a storm.  We had umbrellas.  There wasn't much taller than us.  The girls enjoyed the adventure, mostly.  McKenna had a couple of moments when she, being a princess and all, didn't want to be soaking wet.  Anna was a real trooper, enduring the weather.  She kind of thrived.  Runners (and some with pink shoes, even), rain, friends there with a baby, holding the umbrella, running on the real course, what's not to love!