Sunday, December 21, 2008

What we need...

Tonight was "sugar cookie night" at our house.  The dough was ready and the kids were chomping at the bit to get going.  The first order of business was to choose the cutters.  We have a set that is used every year and some years we throw in a few extras.  This year McKenna insisted that we use the cat.  "We (she says with a sadly sincere face) need a Christmas cat."  Huh.  If only she knew how hard I'm working to keep the secret of the Christmas cat that is waiting to come home to us this week!  We've been getting daily updates on how our little no-name feline is doing at our cousin's house across town.  At any rate, doubling the recipe sounded like a great idea...until midway through the icing.  We'll be finishing that tomorrow.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wha'da ya know...

Someone other than my family reads this!

Thanks, Erin!  I hope our paths cross sometime soon!  (That's nothing like neuro pathways, by the way...)  :)