Monday, February 27, 2012


This has been another busy month. Not so busy that I couldn't have taken a few moments to document (and therefore remember) things, though.

Daily wrestling matches continue. Chris still wins.

This week Caitlin has been VERY busy. She's mastered sitting tripod-style for long enough for me to scoot away and take her picture. She doesn't do it much longer than that, and she doesn't look up and keep her balance at all.

Caitlin has also developed some crazy rolls on her legs. Yesterday I noticed that at her hip her leg is as wide as her femur is long. She kind of looks like cube blocks--cute ones--her head, her body and her legs. She also has a fantastic crease around her wrists and ankles. She's been well fed. :)

Speaking of well-fed, we started giving her rice cereal this week. She's had it for the last 3 nights and is a total champ. Tonight she did it as if she'd been doing it for months. This a her first rice-face picture.

She's a squealer, she is. A squealer and a scooter. She's started in the last couple of days scooting on the back of her head, using her heels as leverage. So much for getting rid of the bald spot. Looks like it will get bigger before it goes away.

Samuel has learned to dunk. Generally, Pops helps.

Chris took the big girls to their first Daddy Daughter Dance. The girls had a great time. (Anna has since learned the Macarena. She's just too cute.

In other news, Samuel has this reading thing down. I took the kids to the library to read aloud to some dogs. Apparently that's all it took for Samuel to turn the sound-it-out-corner and be on his way to legitimate sight reading. He started his first long-ish book on Saturday and finished it today (Monday). He was so proud of himself. I was so proud of him...