Saturday, August 30, 2008

One thing I'm not

So I'm working with a group of nursing students last week and before getting busy we were making small talk.  What was your previous job, where do you live, and so on.  I mention that we live a few miles from Verizon near Noblesville.  This peaks one guy's attention.  He says that he used to go up  there for a few days at a time...loved it...had a good time.  When people say they come to Verizon for a few days at a time they're generally talking about Dave Matthews, Phish, or the Grateful Dead.  Another guy mentions that he can't believe it's been six years since Jerry Garcia died.  Without missing a beat, it just spills out of my mouth that it was actually August 1995.  I impressed even myself.  The first guy looks a little confused, but I proceed to explain.  "Yeah, I was camping with a girl who was absolutely heartbroken."  Now he looks even more confused.  He says, "I would have never pegged you for a deadhead."  It sounded...well, something...when I told him that I wasn't a deadhead.  It was cross country camp.

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Leah Johnson said...

Good ol' Maggie. :) I've enjoyed reading your blog...I find myself many times laughing out loud as TJ gives me confused looks. Then of course I have to read the story to him. Keep it comin'!