Friday, August 15, 2008

What a croc!

After a nice visit with my sisters this week in northern Indiana, the kids and I ventured home today.  We made an impromptu stop at "The Pickin Patch" so that the kids could have their first experience picking blueberries.  Success!  Samuel sang the whole time about the exciting party we were having.  Anna monitored all the buckets (even as she picked into her own) to make sure that we were not picking any berries that were blue.  McKenna ate.  She ate a lot.  The first time I checked her bucket she only had three blueberries.  We didn't stay long, but it was fun.  

The trip home continued until we stopped for gas (maybe 35 miles later?) at which point McKenna asks me to get her crocs for her.  Sure, but I can only find one.  "Oh.  That's because the other one fell off my foot at the blueberry place.  It was under the van when we left.  I forgot to tell you.  Sorry."  Seriously?  You forgot to tell me?  Only McKenna could forget something in the present.  She's a lucky girl.  My parents were headed up to Michigan for a wedding and were able to stop and get the missing croc.  I wasn't about to turn around, so seriously, she's just a lucky girl.  

While in South Bend we found a great chinese place for dinner.  On the way there, we looked back and somehow Samuel is happily working on a tootsie pop.  Shocked, I asked him where he got it.  He didn't quite answer the question, but his answer was classic...  "I needed it.  I was thirsty and I needed food."  My little guy is quite the schemer when it comes to suckers.  He's probably got a stash hidden somewhere...

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