Saturday, August 9, 2008

Piling Up

Things that I need to jot down are piling up around here.  I didn't realize this until talking with my sisters tonight.  So, since my sisters constitute half my readers, this is mostly for my sake so that I can remember some funny things our kids have said lately.

*McKenna recently learned Tai Chi (as only our McKenna could do it), only she calls it Chai Tea.

*McKenna thinks that the Disney Store is Disneyworld.  This could  be quite a savings for our checkbook if we can keep this idea going...

*I drove the girls to church the other night in my mom's car.  I'm still evidently not proficient at driving a manual because I squealed the tires more often than  not and the ride wasn't exactly smooth.  The girls thought that I was doing that because I loved them.  They were having a grand time.  When relaying the story to Chris, they said it was fun because we went bumpity bumpity bump!  And, according to Anna, it's much more fun for me to drive than Pops because he doesn't make the loud noise (squeal) and make it bump.  

*McAllister's is better known as Miss Allister's.  She makes a mean grilled cheese.

*What's cool and what's awesome?  Say one or the other and Samuel will either agree or correct you.  "Yeah, dat's awesome" or "No dat awesome, dat cooooool."

Oh, gotta go.  Olympics are back on!

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