Friday, September 7, 2007

Anna knows

Did you know that (brother-in-law) Tim performed at last night's NFL kick off concert?  Anna knew.  Oh, wait, that was John Mellenkamp.  (Anna thought ol' John looked a like her Uncle Tim--worth a few laughs...)

Anna started preschool this week.  So far the report is that she's part of the "social" group of kids who know each other from Mother's Day Out last year...but she seems to love her class and teachers!  I suppose one of the goals will be for her to recognize that there is a time for everything, including when to "shhhh".

Dad got the "laugh of the day" award at dinner tonight.  He donated the old powder blue pet taxi to the animal shelter today.  Come to find out they moved their location. Evidently he hadn't been there since he, well, left our big Tilly at the senior citizen center next door 10 years ago.  After finding the right location, he went it to make the drop.  The receptionist asked the lady in front of him, "Are you here to pick up Tilly?"  We laughed until we were out of breath tonight.  This will probably only be funny to my sisters.  Sorry, everyone else!

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