Monday, September 24, 2007

No. What it is?

"Guess what, girls?!  We're going to the circus tomorrow morning!"

(much squealing, bouncing, and giddy laughter...then a pause)  

"Do you know what the circus is?"  

(dual response--No.  What is it?)  

Oh, how we laughed!  Anna blurted out that there would be jugglers and McKenna squealed again about seeing the "math circus".  (Thanks, leapfrog toys!)

All in all we had a great time, and I think I enjoyed the show just as much as the kids did.  There was an act that really had me feeling like I might vomit.  Seriously.  The Super Silvan had me clutching my gut.  No one should be allowed to "walk upside down on the ceiling" like that.  I don't care if there IS a mat on the ground.  It just isn't right.

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