Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bonus points

So, I've developed a better relationship with my anatomy professor (you remember, Jack Bauer's secret brother) since squeaking into his class earlier this month.  He and my lab partner and I were chatting at the end of the lab and I told him what my first impression was of him, based solely on summer mass emails.  I told him that I thought he would be like Jack Bauer and he beamed!  I wish he had been serious when he said that comments like that would earn me six extra credit points!  He said that he's hoping to take off a semester or so from teaching so that he can write, and then just teach for fun.  He's working with Stephen King on some project...  He then went off on a tangent about how Jack does things right.  He also asked for a volunteer today so that he could demonstrate a "classic fatal blow to the skull".  I did not volunteer.  

As fun as his class is (even though there's no coffee allowed in the lab), it's sad to see how lost he is.  He boldly proclaims with delight that he follows no western religions.  He's done a lot of things, and apparently done them well.  It's just that the one thing that matters--his heart--isn't in the right place.  There are more people in my life now than have been in a few years that just need to know the saving power of God's grace.  A life without Christ is just so empty and I'm reminded of that more often lately.  

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