Tuesday, September 11, 2007

cheerleader and coach

I took the kiddos to a cross country meet this evening...always a favorite activity this time of year!  They all just love the open space to run around, but McKenna took it to a new level this evening.  Toward the end of the meet she was yelling to every runner who passed by.  Dad and I heard her yelling, "Keep it up!  Go number 2 (her bib number was actually 229...McKenna just abbreviated it) Don't look down!  You can get her!  Go, Millers!  Let's go, Noblesville!  You can do it!  Go faster!"  The girls from Noblesville had all gone by so there were no more Millers to cheer for, but that didn't stop McKenna.  She yelled, "Go, Millers!" to the next runner.  The gal made eye contact with her and Anna and smiled.  Dad and I told her that the girl in purple was from Greencastle.  The next runner, about fifty meters behind, was also from Greencastle.  Little McKenna didn't skip a beat.  "Let's go, Greencastle!" she yelled when the girl passed us. I think that Sam's favorite part of the meet was the fact that helicopters kept flying overhead.  

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