Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Up for discussion?

Today's material comes to you courtesy of my fantastic sister and brother-in-law!  Cheers to you both!  Tim and Rebekah were visiting for dinner after a long day of shopping (girls in the family) and picking up Tim's new-to-him car (Tim and my dad).  Since mom and dad went blueberry-crazy last weekend, purchasing FORTY POUNDS of blueberries, Tim and Rebekah were the lucky recipients of a hefty ten pounds of berries tonight.  Somehow this caught Tim by surprise as he commented, "Maybe that should have been up for discussion".  (Mind you, this anecdote is completely humorous and not at all critical!)  Maybe there's humor missing if you weren't at our dinner table, but it strikes me as funny that TIM made this comment about BLUEBERRIES and that it wasn't REBEKAH making the comment about a very cute (sorry, Tim), very fast, very Tim-ish CAR.

Mom, Rebekah, Anna and I all went on an outlet excursion today.  Anna was such a trooper!  I think the stop at Starbucks on the way helped all of us.  Anna was treated to her first Starbucks beverage--a tall (smallest size offered for a creme) strawberries and creme.  She was SO EXCITED about this yummy drink.  She changed her tune slightly and slowed down consumption after experiencing her first "brain freeze" about a mile down the road!   

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Laura said...

40 lbs?! Mom said they were successful but I had no idea! Isn't that like Anna's weight in blueberries?

Also, I'm so sad I didn't get to go shopping! (Did you ever think you'd hear that from me?) Did you find cute stuff for Anna? I can't wait for our trip in the fall!