Monday, July 16, 2007

One of those things

I said it today.  One of those things I never thought (as a child) that I would say.  

Stop blowing bubbles in your milk.

I guess it's a little surprising that it took this long to have to say it.  It could have happened a year ago.  But I got the double whammy--I got to say it for the first time to two kids at once!  Anna and McKenna were both quite impressed that McKenna accidently discovered this grand trick.  Then there was a period of silence where I suppose they were pondering how many opportunities they have missed when they used straws and didn't blow bubbles in the milk.  

Anna told me today that she didn't want to get old because she didn't want "old hair".  She kept touching her head saying, "it's curly, it's... it's old, it's..., it''s like the Tea Room."  My mom took her to the Tea Room last week and according to mom, she and Anna were the only people there under age 70.  Anna remembered their hair.  

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