Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cabin decor for the new kitchen?

The kitchen is under construction and I really need to figure out how to rotate the photos in here.  At any rate, these are for you, Laura!

Today's laugh came from Anna.  She has decided that pink pigs are girls and black ones are boys.  We've tried to tell her that the color of the pig doesn't determine if it's a girl or a boy.  She's set in her ways, however.  Taking that into consideration, imagine the look on her face when she saw a pig at the fair tonight that was black AND pink!  We also learned tonight that Samuel doesn't like all.  

Anna and McKenna insisted on visiting the elk one last time before going to the van to head home.  They were quite impressed with the large male (live) and baby elk.  They were curious about the elk head that was mounted and displayed for sale.  I allowed them to touch the fur, but that little McKenna is quick!  Before I could even open my mouth or reach out to stop her, she was hanging from the stuffed elk's antlers!  Needless to say, the gentleman who owned the elk was watching like a hawk and yelled (or hollered, since we were at the 4-H fair) at us not to touch.  I understand his concern and perhaps should have been more concerned.  I suppose there's the standard "you break it you buy it" policy.  How on earth would I have explained to Chris that we needed to pay for a $3000 damaged elk head.  I don't think the "but we'll get to take it home with us" argument would have done much good!  Thankfully McKenna didn't weigh enough to do any damage!  When we go back tomorrow I think we'll stick with looking at pillows and quilts.  Those would be harder to snap if you hang from them!


Laura said...

Wow, the kitchen looks so different! And a new light fixture over the table!? What'd Dad do with the old one?

Leslie said...

Different, indeed! The old light fixture is currently collecting (saw)dust in the garage. What you can't see in the picture is that the new light over the sink matches the ones over the table. I'm pretty sure that light will go out with the trash at the earliest pickup! We're hoping to start painting walls tonight... Have a great time in Cleveland!