Saturday, July 14, 2007

Aw, rats!

OK, sorry about the flipped image.  Rookie mistake.  But is there anything better than watermelon that is bigger than your head?  

Tonight Anna ditched her baby doll at bed time in favor of some of her "small animals" (beanie babies).  The first one she chose was a rat.  A rat!  A rat?  Seriously.  A rat.  Why would any three year old girl choose to sleep with a stuffed rat?  Perhaps the bigger question is why would any mother provide her daughter the option of sleeping with a rat?

We had quite the productive day today.  The kids all had fun eating popsicles and then helping Chris and I clean up the yard a little bit.  We trimmed the trees with monster-size clippers which must have been quite a sight.  Since most of that work was over my head, literally, Chris had a good laugh while I muscled some dead limbs down.  Well, muscled is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration.  Really, I got the clippers stuck in the branches and was able to hang from them.  I think my body weight helped more than my muscles themselves.  Of course once we got started on this project, there was no stopping us!  We fired up the chain saw and tackled a fallen tree that was hanging into the yard.  We filled up the trailer with debris (yes, FILLED) but then couldn't take it to the brush pile in the back because it wasn't attached to the van, we didn't have a van key, and all our friends with trucks were busy.  It was quite fun to watch Chris with the chain saw.  It took me back to the ol' camp days when I got to watch him moving rocks (big ones) from the pasture to the trailer.  You'll note that I was just watching that day.  Today I actually did some work. 

Update:  Anna was thrilled to find a dead locust in pristine condition in the yard last night.  It's still in the bug box right next to the front door so than any and all visitors can share in her joy.  What a kid!

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