Saturday, October 20, 2007

Songs and such

Our kids love to sing!  Since my official "Chrismas music season" begins on October 1, it's been lots of carols in the van!  Samuel's favorite is currently "Little Drummer Boy".  I just love to hear him "pum" along!  McKenna is just the cutest thing when she sings "O Come All Ye Faithful".  The funniest thing is when she is singing along and STILL  mixes up the pronouns.  She'll sing, "O come let us adore he..." every time!  Anna just loves the old Psalty Christmas tape.  If it wasn't just about worn out when my sisters and I finished listening to it, it certainly will be by the end of this Christmas season.  (Did you know that you can't download Psalty from Rhapsody?  Evidently there's not much demand.)  Her favorite songs are about wrapping herself up for Christmas (for Jesus) and telling the world that Jesus was born.  She's got the point, that's for sure!   McKenna got her words mixed up on another song today that made me laugh.  (When DOESN'T McKenna make me laugh?)  The lyric said "my God is a great God" but McKenna sings "my God is a great guy".  That He is, little one!

We had an excellent time this morning at the cross country semi-state, having a picnic outside (one advantage of unseasonably warm weather), making a leaf house, and having a family cross country race around the yard.  (Nana won thanks to her crafty course-altering skills.)  Anna insisted on being called "Hannah" while she pretended to be a high school girl in a race.  We all had to yell for her and cheer "go millers!" every time she ran by us.  I got Anna's birthday cake (honey pie pony) made with Carrie's help with the horse's design and the girls' rhinestone birthday shirts are made, thanks to Laura's finess with the iron. 

All this, and my anatomy studying still awaits.  Here I come, sarcomeres!

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