Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Anna's doings

Last night Chris got to play with his toys...he installed a new HDTV in our bedroom.  (There are certainly some perks to electronics retail!)  The girls were also quite excited this afternoon.  They watched Strawberry Shortcake and without me saying anything about what kind of TV it was, Anna exclaimed, "This TV has bright colors!  I like it!"  

The birthday countdown is in full gear.  For months Anna has been wondering how many birthdays (of family members) will be celebrated before hers.  She has known for a couple weeks that it's been three more birthdays until hers.  Two happen this week and one next week.  She's just beside herself!  And it was so encouraging to Chris and I this week when she told us WHY she's excited about turning 4.  She told us that she just can't wait to have a birthday cake and balloons and seeing her friends.  She never mentioned presents.  We know that she has a memory like a steel trap so it's not that she doesn't associate gifts with birthdays.  We're just glad that in her mind, that's not the important part.

Now, for Anna's contribution to the post...

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And McKenna, too...


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