Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's nice to be wanted

This afternoon Chris and I took the kids to the zoo--we love doing this, particularly on a beautiful fall day!  We took in the Oceans exhibit first, and it was by far my favorite today.  Samuel just loves watching the sharks.  He could do this all day.  Today was a little different, though, because he didn't want to watch them alone.  Every time I left his side to see what the girls were up to, he'd run over to me, say "Mama!" and pull me back over to the shark tank.  He must have done this a half dozen times!  Talk about heart warming...

And we realized that our fearless McKenna does in fact have a fear or two.  As we approached the snake exhibit, McKenna insisted on being carried and then whispered in my ear, "It's going to be dark.  And I don't like snakes."  When I felt her clutching me tighter with every step toward the snakes, I figured she was serious and she and I got to sit that one out.  What a blessing it is to enjoy these moments with my children!  

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