Saturday, July 27, 2013

I blinked. And a year went by.

Well, shoot.  So many moments have come and gone with out record.  I know I'll never remember them all.  I won't remember very many in the long run, probably.  But sometimes things happen and I think, "I NEED to put to put that down somewhere!"  

Tonight was one of those moments.  I was having Anna (really, Anna AND Pops) help me build a prototype for a building class project.  (Pup tent!) I couldn't find Samuel's hammer and so I interrupted his lego building for to ask where it was.  

"It's stuck in the tree."

What?  Why is it stuck in the tree?

"Because I tried to get the stomp rocket out (without even looking up) but now they're both stuck. It's easy to get out."

Why is it still stuck?

"Because it's too hard for me to get out."

Seriously.  This kid is too funny to be related to me. And somehow he is!

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