Monday, April 23, 2012

Track, development, and Christmas leftovers

Track season has begun.  Love. It.  Our big kids are participating in the Body In Training Track Club this spring.  Practices are underway and spirits are still soaring.  Anna is training for high and long jumps as well as the 800 meters.  McKenna is training for the long jump, javelin, and 100 meters (what?  sprints?  good thing she has technical coaches other than mama...).  Samuel is training for the long jump, javelin, 100 and 400 meters.  He's a hoot.  In fact, he hoots after each practice jump or throw.  And he's been leading the other sub-bantams in their workouts.  It's a fun time for Caitlin and I to long as we can stay out of the wind!

A developmental update:
*On 3/19 Caitlin cut her first two teeth--the bottom middle teeth.  Incredibly cute.
*This week she has started scooting.  She does this by doing what looks like a push up and flopping down about 3 inches backwards to where she started.  She gets herself around the room but often ends up stuck against furniture that she didn't see coming!
*Caitlin absolutely loves veggies.  Green beans are by far her favorite.  She likes her fruits, too, but definitely not as much as the veggies.
*She loves the shower.  She will sit on the floor of the shower until the water runs cold if we let her.
*Another favorite past-time?  Being balanced (with help) on the head of Pops or Daddy.  She just howls with laughter.
*Naps!  We've got it!  She's taken 5 naps in 7 days in her crib!  I thought the day might never arrive, but we've gotten ourselves into a nice afternoon routine!

And because I keep forgetting...
At Christmas Samuel was talking about *something* (perhaps I could write the details if I'd logged this story earlier...).  Bennett asked him if he knew *that* from experience.  Samuel replied with heart, "No!  It really happened to me!"

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