Monday, April 16, 2012

Toast on Jam

I worked last night so Chris was home with the kiddos. All four healthy kiddos. At least, that's how I left them.

I got a text at 0307 that read, "Nothing like getting woke up at 3 am to 'dad sam just threw up in his bed'. The girls were great, by the time I got down stairs he was all set up on the chair with blankets, a pan, and a glass of water. Oh yeah, he wants to talk to you."

So I called home at at 0315 I talked to Chris. And Samuel. And Anna. And McKenna.

Thankfully it was a quick bug. He was fine today, but he amused me (as he always does) with his words. I slept through his lunch which he described to me as "toast on jam". If he prepared it, I'm pretty sure that's more accurate than jam on toast.

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