Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Will it work for me?

We had a visitor last night. Actually Samuel had a visitor. The Money Fairy came to see him while he slept. Anna concocted and implemented a plan last night to please her brother. She told Samuel that if he left pennies under his pillow that The Money Fairy would come during the night and exchange the pennies for coins of higher value. He was game. He left two pennies under his pillow and went to sleep promptly.

About an hour after we had put the kids to bed, we could hear Anna walking through the house. She snuck into the family room to tell us that **wink, wink** The Money Fairy had come and gone. She exchanged Samuel's pennies for dimes **wink, wink**.

This morning, much to Samuel's delight, he awoke to find a penny and a dime under his pillow. He was thrilled! Anna was confused, though. Where was the other dime? Why was there still a penny? She finally realized that perhaps she isn't quite as adept at identifying coins in the dark as she thought she was and that she must have exchanged one penny for another.

It was a cute interaction. Chris and I considered exchanging the dimes for quarters under Samuel's pillow after Anna had gone to sleep. We didn't, but we might in the future if this Money Fairy continues to make appearances.

(Anna also told us that the Money Fairy is the Tooth Fairy's boss. She lives in New York. A backstory. This girl's been thinking! She had answers ready for all of Samuel's unasked questions...)

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