Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just another day in paradise

This week the big kids painted like Michelangelo. Minus the fresco style and Sistine Chapel. Plus the paper taped to the underside of a card table in the yard with water-based paints.

Caitlin got more fresh air than she's had in a given week of her life. It turns out that exersaucers are great for basketball watching babies. She loves the driveway games that Samuel plays. (For the sake of remembering, Samuel is always "Cody Zeller" and plays for IU. He frequently hits from beyond his 3-point line, a line about 8 feet from the basket. IU lost Friday night to Kentucky. What a season... Sweet 16 this year... I digress.)

Samuel told Pops this morning before church that his favorite color was plaid. This is not a high traffic blog, but if it were, I would take a poll. What is your favorite outfit dysfunction here? Is it the underturned collar? The cat-stepped buttons? The unbuttoned top button while wearing a clip on tie? The mis-matched plaids? The plaids combined with the patterened tie? Is it the star wars light up shoes?

Or wait?! Is it the gaping head wound that happened toward the end of church? Who said Sunday school was safe?! Apparently, we play a mean game of hide and seek at Castleview. Mean enough to give a nice "Y" shaped wound to the posterior scalp, complete with confusion, desire to sleep, and pale to gray pallor. Thankfully, an uneventful trip the the Riley ER confirmed that Samuel will make a complete recovery. His Happy Meal with a transformers toy was probably the tipping point. Samuel is, as I type, Yoshi on aMario v. Sonic Olympic game on the wii. He's a wickedly good javelin thrower on the wii. (And apparently at home, too. Samuel made his own javelin a couple days ago. It was old-school. Wooden with a red tip, thanks to a crayola marker. On his first attempt he threw his home made javelin half the length of his ice rink. Without getting a splinter. How many kids can say that?)


Leslie said...

It's funny that we allowed Samuel to go to church dressed like this. If I'd known we would end up at Riley, I might have insisted on the white shirt and tie that matched. Maybe. This makes for a better story later on...

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the tie. Super-classy :P