Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watch out, Mia...

Anna has played soccer for a grand total of 9 weeks and has made marked improvements over the course of the season.  We started the season as parents watching our daughter sit in the corner of the field, unsure this whole "soccer thing".  Since week two it's been more Anna-esque.  She flits and flutters around the field.  She gets the concepts of the game, but she's not aggressive.  Until the last ten seconds of the last quarter of the last game of the season.  At that point, she gets control of the ball, takes it down the field without letting anyone take the ball from her, and scores a goal.  I guess she wanted to make a dramatic statement at the end of the game!

Samuel was a show-stopper, too.  Literally.  During one of the breaks in Anna's game Saumel took off dribbling the ball.  All the way down Anna's field, through the dead space, and into the next field where the U17 coeds were playing.  They had to stop the game because a two year old was dribbling his ball through their field.  I think they laughed.  I couldn't tell because I was laughing too hard as Chris brought him back.  Ahhh, memories!

McKenna is just McKenna.  I love that.  She named her new jaguar stuffed animal "Woofie" after the cat on Princess and the Pauper.  (Anna's is "Seraphina".)  The names they chose suit them well.  

Life is good.

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