Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sam's Day

If Samuel had a "Top Ten Favorite Things" list, it would resemble...

1. Fire trucks
2. His white tiger
3. Mowing the grass
4. Pancakes
5. A bath by himself
6. Putting people in the dungeon (followed by a deep "ha, ha, ha")
7. Climbing and jumping and running and falling and wrestling
8. Snuggling after his nap
9. Playing with trains
10. Snacks

I did what I could to pull off a spectacular Saturday for our little man.  He got to eat breakfast--PANCAKES--at the firestation.  He got to CLIMB onto and JUMP off of a FIRE TRUCK.  We went to a cross country meet where he got to RUN a lot...maybe more than he really wanted to.  (That's the price you pay when you're born into a cross country family.  Sorry, dude.)  We went to Anna's soccer game where he got to have a SNACK and get dirty enough to have a BATH BY HIMSELF in the evening.  WHITE TIGER accompanied us on our outings, napped with Sam, and got to play outside.  While tiger watched, Samuel MOWED THE GRASS.  We PLAYED WITH TRAINS and SNUGGLED.  We played outside where I, the poor pitiful princess got PUT INTO THE DUNGEON by that handsome little king.  What more could a boy want?  An Alabama win?  Oh yeah...that happened too!  

Samuel climbed onto the couch tonight when I told him it was time for bed.  He picked up a pencil and paper, looked crossly at them, and said to me out of the corner of his mouth, "I can't.  I have to concentrate."  (Then I had to draw him a picture of a fruit bar.  Mine wasn't identifiable.  Pops drew a much better one.)

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