Friday, May 2, 2008

Theory tested

For the record, time does not heal all wounds.  At least not in a week.  

My stomach still hurts from all the laughter last weekend that began when our train departed Hobbs station in Noblesville.  Noblesville's train station is not a bustling place.  It is not crowded.  It's quaint, even.  This did not stop mom and dad and the kids and I from boarding the WRONG TRAIN.  We were trying to ride the (obviously red, very classic looking) caboose South about a mile into Noblesville.  Once we started moving, mom and dad and I all made eye contact as we simultaneously thought, "we're headed north".  Moments later we hear a woman on the train tell some of the other passengers that we were headed to Atlanta.  Atlanta?  Yes, we went a good thirty minutes north to tiny Atlanta, Indiana.  It's quainter than quaint should be and we were unprepaired for a trip longer than 20 minutes round trip.  It was nap time when we started.  We had  no pacifier, no snacks, nothing.  The kids were great, though, so really there aren't any complaints, just a lot of laughing.  We had about an hour to kill in Atlanta so we hit up the "ice cream shop".  It was really a "professional" photographer (you should have seen the studi0--it looks a little like my scrapbook from second grade.  I made my second grade scrap book by myself immediately after second grade) selling Schwann's ice cream on the sidewalk.  No was a beautiful day and we were already getting sore from laughing at our mistake.  How in the world could we have boarded the wrong train?  

I had hoped to visit my sisters in South Bend and take the kids to Chicago on the train.  I may have to reconsider.  Who knows where we'd end up! 


Laura said...

You have the cutest kids in the world. Also, that may be the most hilarious thing any of you has ever done :P

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me miss you guys so much!
You are an amazing writer - great job at keeping us updated with the cuteness.
Love ya!