Friday, May 30, 2008

Samuel today

Last night was the first time we'd found Samuel sleeping on the floor in his room. He's been content in his crib for his entire life...all 2 years, 4 months, 17 days. We put him back in before we went to bed (after, of course, taking a "couple" of pictures to document the occasion). He was again on the floor this morning. And after his nap. But it's not just that he's on the floor. He's under his bed. He did offer an explaination. His pacifiers were under the bed. Of course.

I took Samuel to the doctor this morning and he acted like Spiderman during his exam. He got a Spiderman sticker and wore it proudly. It was Spiderman all day. I finally asked him what and how he knew about Spiderman as he's had minimal exposure (none?) to it other than seeing the consumer options at Target or a friend's house. His answer was frank. "TV." Oh. Silly me. I asked how he saw it on TV. "Daddy see Spiderman on TV!" Chris, however, denies watching Spiderman with Samuel.

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