Friday, April 25, 2008

I've come so far

It was August 2000.  I'll never forget the sound when the light flashed.  What is that orange thing?  I was driving in front of Wal-Mart on Tunnel Road in Asheville having just left Applebee's.  
"Chris!  What do I do?!  We need to get to a mechanic!"

"Leslie, that's the gas light.  You need to go to the gas station."

I'd driven for seven years without having any idea what the gas light was.  I lived by the "half tank is an empty tank" rule until I got married.

Fast forward to Wednesday of this week.  I'm taking the babysitter home when I hear a familiar ding.  That's not the gas light, that's the transmission light.  Panic.  We just rebuilt the transmission (we is used quite loosely) two years ago...not again...

We make an appointment for this morning at AAMCO.  I head down, all three kids with me, to sit for an hour while I wait for the bad news.  (Samuel has a meltdown because as he says, "That man take your van, Mommy!"  Simultaneously, the girls found the water cooler.  This just says disaster all around.)  The man finally comes in and says our transmission is fine.  Relief.  THEN he tells me that there's no such thing as a transmission light.  That was my check engine light. Oh dear...panic again.  

They ran the diagnostic and he was pleased to tell me it was caused by my not screwing the gas cap on tight enough.  I'll bet he was pleased.  I'm guessing they'll be talking about me for a while, the lady with the transmission light (laugh) whose kids were adorable but not pleased with the waiting room for an hour (snicker) and who just didn't screw on the gas cap (hearty belly laugh).


Laura said...

I did the same thing with the gas cap and the car people being like, "uh, you need to tighten that and the light will go off." So either you aren't alone, or it's genetic :P

Wes said...

did you notice the light went off when you put the gas cap back on?

(I am pretty sure Heather has done something similar)

Wes H.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Very Funny!!!

Women + Cars = bad news.

I hate having to take my car in for service. Trying to re-create the funny noises it makes, I'm sur,e provides a good laugh for those guys.