Wednesday, June 27, 2007


OK, so maybe I'm not totally speechless!  I'm just somewhere between shock and awe!  Remember that great family I mentioned?  They've struck again!  Carrie and Jordan and Laura got Chris and I a mega-combined-multi-year-birthday-Christmas-anniversary gift.  They got us a cute little mac (I'm using it on my bed right now!) that they juiced up with all the things that we'll appreciate most.  I don't know how long they must have spent putting ALL of our family photos from the last 3+ years (and removing any lingering red eye)!  How great is that?  I'm so excited for so many reasons--the least of which is that my Sundays will now have an extra block of free time when I don't spend so much time perusing the Best Buy and Circuit City circulars!  So, to Carrie, Laura, and Jordan...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!  Gifts don't make you great, but what a great gift!  And Jordan, thanks for the run-through!  Stand by the phone for more questions! 

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Visio said...

AWESOME--so you're now a mac user... I'm typing on my "baby mac" (a 12" powerbook) while the "BIG mac" (G5 on stroids) rests downstairs. They are great machines, but remember...

"Once you go mac, you never go back" :)

We'll talk to you soon--