Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Saturday adventure

Today's adventure included the challenge of finding two adjacent empty parking spaces in the parking lot at the zoo.  Not such a challenge, you say?  Arrr (pirate speak), that's where you're wrong, matey!  The sign said "LOT FULL".  And it was...but for the two empty adjacent parking spaces in the second row from the entrance.  Chris has this amazing ability to be right about crazy things like this.  (He's also incredibly accurate at predicting weather, knowing who will win a football game, and other things of the like.)  So, you can imagine, that the zoo was quite crowded.  Uncle Tim and Aunt Re-Rebekah were quite the troopers since they spent the better part of the afternoon with us.  They even got to ride the train (red, to McKenna's delight!) and see a real live armadillo.  It wouldn't be much of a zoo if it were dead.  I guess that would me more like a museum.  Maybe next weekend we'll do a museum...

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