Saturday, June 23, 2007

Elmo, Swings, and Raindrops

What a day we had today! EVERYONE SLEPT UNTIL AFTER 9:00AM! This hasn't happened since the pre-pregnancy days! We were well rested, then, when we took off on the day's adventure downtown to a PBS sponsored kids event. We saw Elmo and Grover, the girls played with much joy in a bouncey house (while the little buddy made it quite clear that he did not like observing the fun from his seat in the stroller), and went down the 15-20 foot "Tide Slide". Chris and I got a real kick out of seeing the girls tumble down the "suds" side of the slide! This whole event was particularly fun for me because I just ENJOYED it--I left the cameras in the van and stored the whole thing on my sometimes faulty memory card of my mind! We met my dad at church to unlock a door for his delivery and the girls got in some extra fun time on the church playground. McKenna is absolutely fearless. She once again had to be rescued from the top of the spider web before being coaxed to the swings for some safer fun! After "helping" Pops, we loaded up and finally made it back home. After dinner we did something that we should really do more often. Rain had settled into the area, and we let all three kiddos play outside in the rain. We played tag, Ring Around the Rosey, and splashed in puddles. There just isn't anything as fun as being in a warm summer rain with precious little ones! They were worn out...but it was so worth it!

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