Friday, April 3, 2009

The only thing left to do... plant a sunflower.  After the homeschool convention today, I feel energized and ready to tackle the academic and social rigors of kindergarten with Anna!  I'm certain that she's going to fly through her math.  She was whizzing along tonight.  I'm glad she's excited about it, but how do I keep her under control until we "start" teaching her?  It'll fill in any gaps, but I anticipate that we may end up looking for some extra material by, say, September.  McKenna is chomping at the bit to start her handwriting book, too.  Samuel didn't ask for anything but chocolate milk when I got home.  (sigh, he's so cute)  He's happy to be read to and I'm loving that.  I'll read "Wocket in my Pocket" (I mean, recite....) for many more months with joy.  This is a lot of rambling.  It's just how I'm feeling after getting all pumped up about homeschool.  Oh, and we're letting Anna choose where we start in her sciences.  She picked birds over planets (sorry, Laura) and plants.  She'll be delighted to know that she gets to learn about bats and butterflies, too.  

Oh, and since it's time to come up with our school name I suppose I'm open to suggestions.  Anna thinks it ought to be "Clark Family School".  I can ramble well right now, but thinking up some clever or meaningful name is a bit too focused for me right now.

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