Sunday, November 23, 2008


McKenna turned four yesterday.  In the spirit of celebration we allowed her to choose the birthday dinner of her choice.  After attempting to influence her decision, we were left to eat chicken nuggets, mac and cheese (from a box), and carrots.  Real carrots.  She's my girl, for sure.  We like "real carrots" much better than the bagged baby carrots. 

Samuel has been a handful lately.  His latest antics include telling the workers at church that he's "not allowed" to go to the bathroom at church.  This may stem from the fact that a couple weeks ago while in the bathroom at church he unscrewed the soap from underneath the counters.  I heard it was a real mess.  

Anna is loving finding new words to read wherever we go.  She was trying to read the hymnal today but got confused by the hyphens.  She struggled with McKenna's birthday yesterday.  It was hard for her to not be the center of attention.  It's the first time we've ever had to deal with that as parents.  

We got about half our our Christmas decorations up tonight.  Samuel calls them invitations.  We put up lots of invitations.  Oh, and his birthday is in the sanctuary.  Read, January.

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Laura said...

Gah, I'm a horrible aunt. I forgot to call McKenna on her birthday, and I forgot to call Anna on hers. It's ok though, right, since I got to celebrate with them in person? Hopefully next year I'll remember.