Friday, November 7, 2008

Date with Anna

Today was a special day for Anna and I.  We went with her preschool class to a matinee of Snow White at a local dinner theater.  They did a great job of catering to the preschool crowd--juice boxes and rice krispie treats during the show.  It was such a joy to watch Anna's expressions as Snow White sang, the dwarfs paraded right by her table, and then Snow White asked her if she was going the right way ("Am I headed east?").  She was just happy to be there.  And I was just as happy.  We got chinese for lunch.  Anna, of course, out cultured me and used chop sticks.  I also had to run down to school to drop some things off since I missed class this morning.  It was great to run into some people I knew and introduce them to my shy one.   Shy until they pulled out the extra Halloween candy, that is...

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