Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

I can hardly contain my excitement for my friends H & W who are, as I write, getting introduced to their new son! We just returned from their daughter's 3rd birthday party where we chatted briefly about how long it might be before they got the call they've been wanting in regard to their expanding family. Evidently I left just a few minutes too early or I would have been there when they got the call! Well, I say too early. If they'd seen me for the last few minutes they would be quite glad that I wasn't there. I tend to make a scene when I get overly excited. My poor kids must think I'm a complete nut. W asked if the party would make the blog. I had said "yes", but as great as the party was (and we truly celebrate R's life!), the party just got trumped! Still, you made the blog. :)

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W. Harris said...

L -

We are honored that we made the blog, and now we have a reason to get together.