Saturday, June 28, 2008

Loose interpretation, serious application

A watched pot never boils.  Similarly, a watched zucchini doesn't grow.  I am so anxious to eat from the garden and it seems that the more I weed and tend and watch expectantly, the slower the growth rate.  

But alas, after my frustration in the garden tonight I spotted the much anticipated black raspberries that were ready for picking!  Off to get the long sleeves and shoes other than flip flops (I forgot I still had said shoes)...  While picking the raspberries tonight I was so blessed.  It was quiet.  Quiet.  I haven't experienced quiet in over 4 1/2 years.  Seriously.  I watched a bumble bee on a flower.  I had time to do this and to just marvel in the beauty of what God created and has allowed me to experience.  As I reached and strained for the all the berries around the old compost pile, I thought of a pathetic similarity between the way I think about fruit and how God thinks about us.  As much as I didn't want even one (berry) to perish, it was a stark realization of how much more our Creator doesn't want us to perish--not even one of us.  I am secure in my position in Christ.  What a gift.

This security is guaranteed.  Guaranteed.  This is so amazing.  

Perhaps someone should talk to the swimming commentator alongside Bob Costas (I'm drawing a blank, clearly) about what it means to be guaranteed.  He guarantees that Michael Phelps will make the Olympic team in all 5 events he's swimming, unless he gets third in any of the races.  Which he won't, according to Rowdy Gains.  That's his name.  What a digression...

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