Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let the (pre)Games begin...

Ahhh, it's almost time for the Olympics. I'm a self-described Olympic freak. I love it. One of my great childhood memories was when we subscribed to the "Red, White, and Blue Olympic Channels" the year we got cable TV. You couldn't pull me away. My mentality hasn't changed much has changed since Debbie Thomas took the ice in Calgary that year. The summer games blow the winter games out of the water, so this is going to be a fun summer.

I've done a good job at getting the kids hyped about it this year, too. Samuel saw the first dive of the trials today and say, "Whoa, dat's COOL!" Yes, sir, it is! And you should see him "do gymnastic", especially when he and McKenna do it simultaneously. Hey, maybe synchronized gymnastics could be a new event...

McKenna thought that Nastia Luikin (2nd place at gymnastics trials) looked a lot like Aunt Rebekah and that Rebekah could do all the same tricks.

Anna was impressed when they didn't fall, didn't step out of bounds, and did cartwheels and backflips.

I've always thought it would be fun to know someone who competed at the Olympics. (I told you I was a freak.) Since Emily Ayers didn't make it (elementary friend who was a tremendous swimmer) and Aaron Moody doesn't seem to be ready this year, my next best shot is through my dad who is currently doing work for some Olympic hopefuls. Track, even! I'm like a kid in a candy store...I just love the Olympics!

A couple of non-Olympic notes... Samuel gave me a good laugh at lunch today. He let out a rip-roaring belch and went about eating. I looked at him and said, "Samuel, what do you say?" Expecting a quick "excuse me", as he's been taught, I was caught off guard when he tried to reinact his belch. Apparently he thought I asked, "what did you say".

He's growing up all together too fast. He's had his monthly success on the toilet (he like to squirt the cheerios--there may be some truth to that potty-training theory) and this afternoon he dressed himself for the first time. He also slept on the bunk bed instead of his crib for the first time. It was his choice. Now I just have to suck it up and get his hair cut and ditch the pacifier. This is MUCH harder with the last than it was with the first.

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I love the summer Olympics, can't wait!