Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funny little guy

Samuel just cracks me up. All the time. Almost. But definitely at bedtime. Last night he asked me if God was really everywhere.

"Yes", I told him, "God is everywhere all that the same time--cool, huh?"

He replied, "Huh. So, he's at Meijer right now."


Last week all the girls in the fam (plus Sam) met in Kokomo for lunch at MacAllister's and to do a "what needs to get transferred to/from South Bend/Noblesville" lunch. It was fabulous.

The night before we left Dad told Sam his nightly "Alex" story. (Alex is really Sam. It's basically an exaggerated recap of the Sam's day's activities.) Alex was going to Kokomo tomorrow...

Samuel gets out of bed.

I put him back in bed. I tell him he needs to go to sleep so that he can be rested to go to Kokomo tomorrow.


I left in stitches.

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