Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What not to wear

What a glorious day!  Seriously...75 degrees in mid-March?  We enjoyed a full day today...parent conferences for McKenna (she's doing well, no surprise), a special morning just with McKenna (Barnes and Noble--that's my girl!, a picnic, and time at the park), a perfect day at the zoo with all the kiddos, and more running around in the yard.  It was great.  Just great.  

However, if I ever had the chance to do-over the day, I'd reconsider the wardrobes.  On a beautiful St. Patrick's Day, I wouldn't take three kids to the zoo who were wearing green t-shirts.  EVERY kid at the zoo was wearing a green t-shirt.  It would be have been much easier to ID them in a crowd if they had been wearing red.

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