Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little memories

It's hard to imagine the future.  I often wonder what things will be like, but it's hard since we never really know what will happen.  Sometimes I think that McKenna will just be 4 forever because I can't imagine anything else.  The real challenge, I guess, is in the remembering.  Remembering the little things.  Like how the kids imitate the noise of the coffee grinder...perfectly.  Like how Anna doesn't like to have her hair brushed.  Like how McKenna much prefers a barette over a ponytail of any sort.  Like how Samuel says "twains".  Like how sad it is when dress up clothes go from too big to too small.  Like how McKenna agrees with me mid meal every night, "You're right!  It is good!"  Like how Anna sleepwalks into our bedroom every night.  Like how fun it is to watch Samuel identify letters and the girls to identify words they know as we read.  Like how amazing their memories are.  Really, I don't want to forget any of it.  The kids' scrapbooks are evidence of my not wanting to forget.

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