Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Status report

I caught McKenna singing as she helped me load the dishwasher tonight.  "Three French kids...two durtle doves..."  She just really brings me smiles every day.  It was nice to have impromptu smiles tonight because it was a really hard day.  Really, it started last night.  Neither of the girls slept well at all.  Poor McKenna was up about every 30 minutes with a crummy cough.  That, of course, also woke up Anna.  I took both of the girls to the doctor today and after hours of little tests, lots of prodding, some swabbing, and buckets of tears, and a couple of x-rays we were able to determine that McKenna has pneumonia and Anna has some icky virus.  On top of Sam's recently diagnosed double ear infections, it's been quite a week.  This mommy is very tired.  Since changing the words to songs is what we do around here, I'd promote the "three si-ick kids..." version.

Oh--I can't believe I didn't post this last week!  Anna, as we were making dinner on Wednesday, asked me if she could pray to ask Jesus to live in her heart!  Oh, what a sweet, sweet moment!  We sat on the floor in the kitchen and Anna prayed to ask Jesus to live in her heart.  She was beaming, and I was trying to hide my tears.  She caught me, though.  She just wanted to make sure they were happy tears.  Happy doesn't even come close...

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